FN Rifle Grip

FN Rifle Grip
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Stark's FN Rifle Grip brings all of the same ergonomic features of Stark Grips to FN SCAR 16 and SCAR 17 rifles. As with all Stark Rifle Grips, the features of the FN grip include the patented hand-stop, unique grip angle, storage compartment, and durable, textured material.


StarK Pistol Grips are designed to maximize weapon control, reduce shooting fatigue and support a solid tactical platform. Each crucial point of shooter-to-weapon contact has been carefully thought out, tested by professionals, and optimized to benefit the user in every type of situation. The rugged, textured material provides a reliable grip when it counts. Novice and veterans alike will appreciate its unique design, no matter the environment or mission.

- Textured surfaces for a reliable grip
- Resistant to weather extremes, chemical exposure and abuse
- Includes a Grip Plug for CR-123 battery storage inside the grip (AA Grip Plug sold seperately)
- Standard Colors: Black and Earth


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Price $24.95